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SAP - ABAP Basic Programming 

SAP is one of the most extended technologies in the market. Most of the big r middle size companies use SAP to manage their processes.

ABAP is the porgramming lenguage of SAP. The current demand of developers in this langage is simply extraodinary.

From Trusted Advisors we offer you an introduction to the environment and programming language of SAP, ABAP.

The training will be completely on-line. It will have a theoretical part, but also practical exercises where you will need to apply the knowledge adquired. To perform this practical exercises you will count on the on-line support of our coachs.


Training price: 350€

Schedule: de 9 a 13:00h y de 14 a 18:00h (CET)

Language: Spanish



1) Date: March 30th to April 3rd 2020

  Max people attending: 15 (full)


2) Date: April 13th to 17th 2020

  Max people attending: 15 (available 15)


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