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Our success cases

We advise our clients throughout the life cycle of business process optimization. Depending on each case, we start the collaboration with our clients at different points in the optimization life cycle: from the analysis of the process to be optimized to the support for solutions and continuous improvement.

Here are some of our success stories at different stages of the optimization process.

Business Process Optimization


We advised a client of the pharmaceutical sector in the optimization of their process of elaboration of the global Sales Database of their sector. We documented the process, its participants and identified improvement actions that were finally planned in an execution Roadmap.

We also accompanied our client in the follow-up of this Roadmap of improvement initiatives.

Advice on Digital Transformation


We advised one of our clients in the publishing sector on the design of an application map that covers all their present needs and at the same time is aligned with their future objectives.

An action plan was designed to move from the situation at that time to the defined objective model. Likewise, the client was accompanied in the selection of the appropriate tools and implantation providers in each case.

Design, Development and Deployment


We advise one of our clients in the industrial sector in the optimization of their processes through RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology. The goal was to free up time for their employees to improve customer service tasks and their levels of analysis.

A series of candidate processes for automation were analyzed and a study of automation potential, reported benefits and implementation effort was made. With this information, a Business Case was carried out to select the processes with the highest Return on Investment.

Subsequently, the automation of the selected processes was carried out in the areas of Logistic, Coordination, Administration and Treasury.

Support, Maintenance and continuous improvement


We advised one of our clients in the pharmaceutical sector in the optimization of their collaborative management processes with health professionals. For this process, pain points were identified and improvement initiatives were defined that were prioritized and organized in a Roadmap.

The most important initiative identified and carried out by the Trusted Advisors team was the design and implementation of the digitalization of the entire process through a Process Management Tool (BPM), Appian. The entire administrative process, including the digitalized signature of the service contracts, was automated and managed using the BPM tool, extending the model later to other areas.

After the implementation of the model, we supported and managed the continuous improvements of the process and support tools.

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